Den lille familien

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To hjerter <3 Og to hjerter til. Fire hjerter <3

– Guro <3

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  1. Oh my heart!! The kids look strong, healthy, and happy. While my head doesn’t quite wrap around the idea that you have two little ones who can walk and talk, it does my heart good to see them. You have a beautiful family. I’ve gone back over some of my own blogs this week, from while we were in school, and these pictures are the lovely continuation of the fairy tale of Roomie and Prince Charming. I know life hasn’t been a fairy tale, but perhaps it is better that way. The Roomie I see now has joy, and while she also carries far too much pain, I hope the new-found joy has made life better than before. This Roomie also has a voice she uses to knock down walls and to speak truth. She doesn’t hide in the shadows or rely on Charming to speak for her. You have continued to become your own woman, and that is better than any fairy tale. As for Charming, he has been in the background of this blog from the beginning. He has, at his core, been who he always was: the one to champion your voice. Without him (or the kids), I know you wouldn’t have the courage to speak up or stand out. Perhaps that has been his greatest gift to the world– the restoration of people, doing a little bit the work of Christ to bring the Kingdom here. If I know Prince Charming at all, I know he’s very proud of you. And yet, I read your stories of Thanksgiving and your new little place and the pictures of the kids…and the fairy tale people are still alive and well too. I’m glad of it, that this life and all its hardships haven’t erased the magic of ordinary days or the beautiful story you two write in fairy land. Adventure Girl hopes they know how much she misses them, and wishes she could meet in person, the older, wiser versions of ourselves.

  2. Laura: Awww! We know. Thank you for all your kind words, it’s so nice to read ^^, I wish you a great week and I send a hug all the way from Norway:)

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